Woman Shares Her Life-Changing Experience Of Going From 245lbs To 135lbs

We love to inspire and motivate our community. So, that’s why we’re bringing you the best transformation stories from all over Instagram! Today, we’re sharing the incredible success story of Rachel, who’s one of the most inspirational women in the wellness community on Instagram. You can follow her here, and let’s jump into her story […]

Woman Loses Almost Half Her Weight, Shares Her Unbelievable Before & After Pics

Kate’s weight loss journey is very inspiring. She went from being unhealthy and overweight, feeling anxious and sad about her life, to a real bombshell who’s confident and loves to share her weight loss journey with others. She loves inspiring other people to change their bodies and be more confident in their bodies, and today […]


15-Minute Belly Fat Workout For People Who Don’t Have Time To Go To The Gym

An average woman in the US spends approximately 36.4 hours per week at work. With all other responsibilities like children, housework, friends, and family, it seems like the gym is an object of your dreams. The good news is, you only need 15 minutes at home regularly to get solid results. We have 5 simple […]


Woman Who Lost Half Her Weight After Fiance Dumped Her For Being ‘Too Fat’ Wins Miss Great Britain 2020

Hard work, perseverance, and grit lead to success—and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! That’s one of the lessons that Jen Atkin, the winner of Miss Great Britain 2020, wants the world to know. Being crowned Miss Great Britain required huge amounts of willpower and effort. To reach this incredible goal, Jen made healthy […]

The secret is all in your mindset

Follow Carli Jay on Instagram No matter what you want to achieve in life, it may be to lose weight or put on weight, run your first marathon, grow muscle, or even non body related; buy your dream car, get the job you’ve always wanted, travel the world, whatever it is just know YOU CAN […]

I have gone through a major weight loss twice

Follow Meghan Gilbert on Instagram The girl on the left looks in the mirror and cries. The girl on the left wouldn’t wear shorts her whole life because when she did people would stare and talk. She hated shopping because the fitting rooms light shows you every flaw and piece of cellulite. She didn’t like […]

I’m now addicted to bettering myself (in all areas of my life!)

Follow Britt Elizabeth on Instagram I used to tell myself: my metabolism was slow, I was born big boned, it’s my genetics & lots of other excuses to justify my poor habits. But reality is, it’s RARELY any of the above things. Like less than 1% of the population rare. But you know what’s not […]

I didn’t lose 100 lbs just like that, snap of a finger. I lost 1 lb 100 times.

Follow Cristina Diaz on Instagram Hard work and dedication. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I didn’t lose 100 lbs just like that, snap of a finger. I lost 1 lb 100 times. That’s 100 times I stepped on a scale and only saw a one lb difference. Was I anxious to […]


Woman Reveals How Her Transformation Helped Her Uncover The Confidence She Had All Along

Follow Christine Carter on Instagram You see, I don’t think it was the weight loss that changed me, but the weight gain. As the pounds came off, I slowly but surely uncovered the confident, dedicated, hardworking woman that was there all along but that was too shy and afraid to be exposed. When I see […]

I worked hard. I learned that I LOVED working out and I learned that I LOVED the fitness life.

Follow Jessica on Instagram After losing weight, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A long 7 months of treatment and playing the waiting game, I finally beat it and found out I was in remission in August. My life has had its ups and downs but I’m only 23 and I have a whole […]