I didn’t lose 100 lbs just like that, snap of a finger. I lost 1 lb 100 times.

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Hard work and dedication. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I didn’t lose 100 lbs just like that, snap of a finger. I lost 1 lb 100 times. That’s 100 times I stepped on a scale and only saw a one lb difference. Was I anxious to see results? Absolutely. Did I step on a
scale and frown because I only lost 1 lb but felt it should’ve been 10 lbs with the way I was eating and working out? Definitely! But it never stopped me or made me want to give up.

I always pushed because I NEEDED this more than anything. More than any unhealthy meal and more than my couch after a long day. A spark lit in me and man did that spark turn into a massive fire…..and it’s still growing.

Almost 2 years ago, I weighed 245 lbs. My blood pressure was through the roof and I was on the verge of being medicated for it at just 26 years old. I was lazy, always tired, suffered from chronic migraines and was just overall unhealthy. My pants were a size 16, shirts were a 1X and I decided enough was enough.

From one day to the next I completely changed my eating habits. No more salt, no more processed foods, no more empty carbs. I was going to eat clean and give my body what it deserved. I decided to get off of my butt as well and start moving with just 15 minutes a day on the elliptical in my living room.

Within a year I lost 100 lbs. Even after having a baby and gaining some weight back, I am not and will never be the person I was on the left. I have had normal blood pressure for years now, dont suffer from migraines and wear single digit pants and size med/small in shirts. I am always full of energy and to respect my body by treating it well because I know what happens when I do!

This is my story and it can be yours if you just try. I promise it is in you and you can do it. Just dig deep and find your motivation. Your future self is waiting to thank you.

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