Woman Reveals How Her Transformation Helped Her Uncover The Confidence She Had All Along

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You see, I don’t think it was the weight loss that changed me, but the weight gain. As the pounds came off, I slowly but surely uncovered the confident, dedicated, hardworking woman that was there all along but that was too shy and afraid to be exposed.

When I see old photos of myself, I literally don’t recognize them. It’s as if I’ve never seen her before. I don’t remember being that way, and I sure as hell will never return. I am happier now than I have ever been in my entire life.

I had a few triggers for my weight gain – I quit smoking and transferred my addiction from nicotine to eating.The other factor is that I was in an unhappy relationship.

My ex was very controlling, told me what to wear and I believe he wanted me to be fat so that I wouldn’t leave him. He also didn’t like me having my own friends.

Being overweight, I didn’t feel I deserved anything better – I went from a place of being “fat and happy” to just “fat”. It was taking a major toll on my body and instead of dealing with my feelings, I was eating them. I would wake up and eat all day long – sometimes I would eat in the middle of the night.

Weight loss has changed everything about my life.

I am not the same girl I once was. It ended my relationship – my ex became very insecure and jealous and I gained the confidence to see that I was not in a healthy relationship and needed to get out. It also helped me progress in my career. Opportunities present themselves to me daily that I would not have if I was overweight.

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