I have gone through a major weight loss twice

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The girl on the left looks in the mirror and cries. The girl on the left wouldn’t wear shorts her whole life because when she did people would stare and talk. She hated shopping because the fitting rooms light shows you every flaw and piece of cellulite. She didn’t like photos unless they were angled from above. She even deleted all her prom photos while crying, because of how she felt about herself. And to cope with things, she would go get a large sweet tea and fries and eat her problems away. I could not live like that anymore. I knew something had to change. It started with loving myself.

Some of you may not know this, but I have gone through a major weight loss twice. I grew up overweight and when I was 19 (now 23) I did my first weight loss journey. I got extremely small and I became obsessed with my self image. Unfortunately, depression hit
me. I did not love my body. I deprived myself of my favorite foods for years. Without noticing, I started to binge eat these foods.

It was like my “body” would just take over at night and I would binge. I would throw away all the bad foods the next morning, but when night came I would literally get flour sugar butter and mix my own cookie dough, finish it and repeat. I lost ALL CONTROL.

Within two months, I had gained over 60 lbs. I tried to do my macros for a few days, extremely strict and force feeding egg whites and protein shakes. That did not work. I focused on the gym, but working out can only do so much.

I realized I needed to have a healthy relationship with food and myself. Instead of counting my calories, I focused on the nutritional values. What vitamins does this plant give me? What will this fruit juice do for me? I stopped focusing on the sugars and carbs in these veggies. I stopped counting how much fat I got from healthy seeds and avocados. I started eating and enjoying food.

No, I don’t eat cookie dough all day, but when I want a little piece, sure. But now, I’m too full of healthy foods to even worry. I’m not hungry. I’m not bored with my food. I make healthy decisions and I feel amazing. When I fall off, I feel like I have the flu. I trained my body to function on healthy foods so when it gets bad, it tells me. My advice to you is to learn to have a relationship with food. Don’t break up with food. Teach your body what it needs.

The first week is always the hardest. No matter what you’re doing. But I promise it gets easier. Stay consistent. This is a lifelong battle so don’t give up. If I can do it so can you.

I remember the most important thing I lived by when I first started my health journey and that is consistency. Yes, it’s important to rest, but you have to have action more than rest. You cannot expect to see results from two workouts a week. You cannot expect to see results when you’re doing a whole cheat day instead of cheat meal. You need to stay consistent in your diet and your health, mentally and physically.

This photo shows not only just a physical change, but a mental one as well.

You have to strengthen both your brain and your body. You have to stay consistent with your diet. It’s definitely easier said than done. It’s easy to fall off track. It’s easy to “hold it off till New Years”. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.

Learning to love myself was my motivation. Learning to care about what I put in my body IS my motivation still. It will not be easy at first but I promise it gets easier in the end.

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