I’m now addicted to bettering myself (in all areas of my life!)

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I used to tell myself: my metabolism was slow, I was born big boned, it’s my genetics & lots of other excuses to justify my poor habits. But reality is, it’s RARELY any of the above things. Like less than 1% of the population rare.

But you know what’s not rare – EXCUSES.

My weight loss journey actually started 6 years ago. I was in a very unhealthy & abusive relationship. I was being put down about my weight and made fun of and called names. I remember crying on the bathroom floor more than once.

I figured if I lost the weight that everything would get better, so I joined a gym and lost 60lbs in 3 months. There was nothing healthy about my approach. I worked out constantly and ate about 500 calories a day. And not surprisingly – I gained back 40lbs.

When I first got started, I truly believed all of those excuses about myself. But I also knew that I would just have to work a little harder if I did have these things working against me. Hard is NOT impossible. I wanted this so bad that I was willing to put in ANY amount of work to reach my goals and that is exactly what I did. And it’s exactly what I continue to do.

Now in phase two of my weight loss journey, I took the healthy approach. I hired a coach who had my health as a priority, I didn’t care how long it would take or about sacrifices I had to make. And lastly I was committed.

I am so happy that fitness has changed my life. I eat more now than ever before. Also, I workout because I love it, not as a punishment. I separated myself from that toxic relationship. Now I value myself, my health and my happiness above all else.

I’m now addicted to bettering myself (in all areas of my life!). When my mindset shifted from “why me?” to “let’s just fkn do this!” is when the results started coming. And once results come, it’s a very healthy new obsession!

I would never wish my journey upon anyone. I wish I could go back and teach my younger self everything I know now. I wish I would have known my worth back then and got out sooner.

But I am FOREVER grateful for my experience because I now have the knowledge & social media platform to educate others on the healthiest way to reach their goals.

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