Woman Shares Her Life-Changing Experience Of Going From 245lbs To 135lbs

We love to inspire and motivate our community. So, that’s why we’re bringing you the best transformation stories from all over Instagram! Today, we’re sharing the incredible success story of Rachel, who’s one of the most inspirational women in the wellness community on Instagram. You can follow her here, and let’s jump into her story on how she lost weight and changed her life.

“In 2014 I weighed 235.8 lbs, got pregnant with my second son and got up to 245 lbs (I don’t count that as my “high weight” though). I’m now 135.4 lbs. No, I don’t focus or care about weight loss anymore. Just letting my body do it’s thing but hitting this milestone is still nifty regardless.”

“My goal is not a number. It is to FEEL good.”

The majority of exercise I did early on was fast paced walking while pushing one of my son’s in a stroller/jogging up and down stairs + hills etc. I lost the weight at home, but since joining the gym a year into my journey have grown to love weights rather than solely cardio. I have a home gym setup now but I didn’t before. You don’t NEED anything fancy. Just get moving!

“You don’t need expensive pills, wraps, or any other gimmicky BS to lose weight. You don’t need to only drink shakes or only eat salads. Focus on fuelling your body with healthy foods, one serving of meals instead of two and increase your activity. Fight for you, fight for your health.”

Disclaimer: Not all before/after success stories (including the story above) have lost weight due to our Reshape app. In those stories where people did accomplish results with the help of our app, we’ll state it clearly.

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